Saturday, March 12, 2011

Infant in the Age of Gluttony

OK, the blog title "Weekend Wasted" was not available, so I made up the above and away we go. Below are the inspirational posts that inspired the topic, and here comes the logistical info recently posted for group consideration:

(Disclaimer: Although They Live features elements of movie lameness, I think it is awesome. The image has been stolen to inspire you to similar awesomeness.)

I'd like to have a communal blog for harsh write-ups of bad movies and TV, such as my previous post. I will try to watch something terrible periodically, and invite you to do the same. This would probably be easier to do in a Facebook group, but I don't want Zuckerburg dragging us down.

WEEKEND WASTED is the best title I have so far. I think my Dungeons and Dragons entry sets up a pretty good template, but we also need a ratings system. I don't think it works just to give a bad movie fewer traditional stars, because what we're craving here is that rare bad movie that is so bad it's also mutating into good; thus, a certain one-star movie might be ridiculously funny, whereas another one-star movie may just be unwatchable and boring. Here are ideas:

• 1-4 BLACK STARS: inverted stars that denote anti-quality
• 1-10 on the ED WOOD scale
• or make up your own, designed for the occasion. We'll understand.

It might also be funny to say where you "acquired" the movie—in the bargain bin at Mal-Wart, or on local late-night TV.

We can also nominate certain movies that need to be tackled, like a list for bounty hunters. I hereby nominate those "Left Behind" movies with Kirk Cameron.


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